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I just had a reading and loved it, can I book another one right away?

Clayton loves to be of help and he is increadibly humbled and honoured to be in your beautiful energy, helping you get the support you need. As your reading has action steps that need to be followed, you won’t be able to book another reading for another 3 months. Once you take specific and detailed action, stay aware of how your life is changing and notice all the new behaviours and outcomes in your life, you will have an inner intuition and feeling deep inside, a feeling that will let you know when you are ready for your next reading, follow your intuition, it always guides you in the right direction. 

Love the meditations, where can I find more information on mentoring?

It’s so amazing you’re loving the meditations, they go very deep and help you discover more things about yourself you knew were there, but weren’t sure. It’s an amazing feeling to discover who you are more and more. Clayton is so pleased you are interested in mentorship. Click here to go to the main website and find out more information. And send us a message with the contact form below to enquire about starting your mentorship program. 

I love what clayton stands for, where can I find more information about him?

Clayton is an amazing, loving, deeply caring person. He loves every person he meets, every person he crosses paths with, he always has a good word to say, a kind smile in his eyes and an angelic embrace that can never be forgotten. He knows that you matter, more than you know yourself. He helps you remember who you are and always insists on making sure you know you are worthy, you are loved and you are enough. Click here to read Clayton’s story.

I found an amazing article Clayton wrote a while back, where can I find more?

Clayton channels excellent information on a daily basis. He always finds it so compelling that it needs to be written down. You’ll find his videos on social media, articles on the internet, podcasts online and more. To start with a good read, and many articles in one place, check out his blog. Click here to read Clayton’s blog.