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Here you are invited to share some quality time with your Soul.  

Journey into your consciousness to access the ancient wisdom, answers and healing you seek.

Each of our meditations offer many benefits to all aspects of your life.  Consistent and regular meditation cultivates kindness, improves mental health, develops self-awareness, increases positive emotions, boosts your immune system, enables conscious decision making, facilitates courageous action, invokes freedom of expression, improves sleep…and so much more.

Your Soul is calling … it’s time to play!

Introductory Explanation (free)

A quick introductory explanation to a powerful transformative meditation

  • Step 1 – Listen to this short introduction to help you experience the best outcome from The Ego’s Code Meditation.
  • Step 2 – Enjoy The Ego’s Code Meditation below.

And it’s Free!

The Ego’s Code Meditation (free)

A 45 min meditation that guides you through four sections

  • Section 1: Grounding into Mother Earth so you can fully participate in the meditation
  • Section 2: Visit the World Tree of Consciousness, work with your Ego and receive important learning
  • Section 3: Use your learning to release the negativity that has that has been holding you back
  • Section 4: Receive a lost part of your soul, which will integrate fully during the meditation

Nurturing Practices (free)


  • When you are kind to you, you are saying #iMatter to me. Acts of kindness raise your energy, radiate joy, bring peace and harmony to your life. They are also the seeds to mental health and personal wellbeing

Set your energy right for your day ahead

Mood Worksheets (free)

Improve your mood in just 7 days – morning & evening

  • In the morning, meditate for 20 minutes using our Morning Meditation. This is ‘Free My Light’ (available under the tab Meditations)
  • In the evening, add our 20-minute Evening Meditation – ‘The Secret Messages of Gratitude’ (available under the tab Meditations)

Notice how you feel and record your mood on the ‘mood worksheets.’