Here you are invited to share some quality time with your Soul.  

Journey into your consciousness to access the ancient wisdom, answers and healing you seek.

Each of our meditations offer many benefits to all aspects of your life.  Consistent and regular meditation cultivates kindness, improves mental health, develops self-awareness, increases positive emotions, boosts your immune system, enables conscious decision making, facilitates courageous action, invokes freedom of expression, improves sleep…and so much more.

Your Soul is calling … it’s time to Play!

Introductory Explanation (free)

A quick introductory explanation to a powerful transformative meditation

  • Step 1 – Listen to this short introduction to help you experience the best outcome from The Ego’s Code Meditation.
  • Step 2 – Enjoy The Ego’s Code Meditation below.

And it’s Free!

The Ego’s Code Meditation (free)

A 45 min meditation that guides you through four sections

  • Section 1: Grounding into Mother Earth so you can fully participate in the meditation
  • Section 2: Visit the World Tree of Consciousness, work with your Ego and receive important learning
  • Section 3: Use your learning to release the negativity that has that has been holding you back
  • Section 4: Receive a lost part of your soul, which will integrate fully during the meditation

Sovereign Bear Activation (£30)

Be Faithful & Devoted To Your Soul

  • The Sovereign Bear invites you into the inner sanctum of your soul activating your divine courage and confidence, your divine strength and power and to experience the sweetness of your life when you are devoted and have faith in who you are.
  • Immerse yourself into the depths of who you are with this wonderful meditation.

Joyful Hummingbird Activation (£30)

Be Genuine & Sincere To Your Heart

  • The Joyful Hummingbird awakens the soulful joy within you activating the truest and most genuine expression of who you are.
  • Immerse yourself in your joy, cleanse your body of negativity and bathe the illumination your soul.
  • Then journey with the Hummingbird to see the benefits of your true self in your past, present and future.

The Noble Stallion Activation (£30)

Be Free To Act For Your Highest Good

  • The Noble Stallion will help you to release the pains of your past, activating the freedom to act for your highest good.
  • You are invited to work with an ancient elder to liberate and integrate the lost wisdom of your Soul.
  • The Noble Stallion will take you on a vision quest to experience your life of freedom.

Divine Elephant Activation (£30)

Be Conscious & Aligned To Your Truth

  • The Divine Elephant will help you to heal your karma activating the truth in your soul.
  • The ancient wisdom of the elephant will guide from the rocky unconscious pathway of illusion, to the pathway of your divine truth transmuting your illusions into new wisdom that flows into your heart, from your Soul.

Healing Dolphins Activation (£30)

Be Kind & Caring To You

  • Through sonar waves of love and kindness, the Dolphins will dissolve your self-doubt and heal your self-abuse activating a magnified kindness towards yourself, others and the world.
  • You will swim and play with the dolphins to integrate your healing and embrace your divine magic.

Free My Light – Morning Meditation (£30)

Awaken to the Wisdom of your Soul

  • Together with the evening meditation, the Free My Light meditation is designed to help awaken your sense of self-awareness, helping you reflect on yourself and learning about your own negative behaviours and beliefs.

The Secret Messages of Gratitude – Evening Meditation (£30)

Rest & Sleep in the Essence of Your Soul

  • Together with the morning meditation, The Secret Messages of Gratitude meditation is designed to help you wrap up the day, integrating all the good outcomes you experienced. You are left feeling love and gratitude.

Rainbow Healing Meditation (£35)

By Clayton John Ainger, Music By Craig Young

  • A gentle meditation to cleanse, balance and align your body and being, showering you in a rainbow splash of colours and mysticism.
  • Recorded in 432 Hz, helps penetrate deeper into the layers of all your chakras, healing them from the inside out, front and back, inside and out.

A Quantum Journey to the Akashic Records Meditation (£35)

By Clayton John Ainger, Music By Craig Young

  • Gain access to your most personal and private quantum contract.
  • Travel through dimensions and time, to unravel and unveil what you seek the most. Get ready to write at supersonic speeds as answers are revealed to you right before your eyes.

Introductory Explanation (included)

A quick introductory explanation to an amazing meditation

  • Step 1 – Listen to this short introduction to help you experience the best outcome from the Power Animal Meditation.
  • Step 2 – Enjoy the Power Animal Meditation below.

Power Animal Meditation (£30)

By Clayton John Ainger, Music By Craig Young

  • Meet and work with your animal guides.
  • Receive their wisdom, guidance and healing.
  • Recorded at 432 Hz, designed specifically to help integrate the learning and messages you are getting, straight into your Soul, moving through life, guided by the power you have within.