Resource Library

AccessAlly Systems

The spreadsheet shown in the videos is in the button below


This video covers the meditations + setting up new ones

The Ego’s Code Book

This video covers The Ego’s Code Book Set Up


This video covers the Bundles set up

Adding Blog Posts 

This video covers how to add blog posts on the main site

Mentoring – System

A Walkthrough of the Mentoring system

Mentoring – Communication

This video covers how to communicate with mentees.

Readings – System

A Walkthrough of the Reading system

Readings – Communication

This video covers how to send readings to clients

Generating Webhooks

How to generate and locate webhooks for Active Campaign

Creating Payment Plans

And that’s that! 

Divi Overall Use

1 – Divi Basics

This is a quick walkthrough on the basics and essentials of the Divi Theme.

2 – Fonts, Images and Button

This video covers how to change the most relevant parts of the pages.

3 – Global Elements

This is a very important one! People often think they “broke” their site by accident because of it.

4 – Mobile

This video is about how to format and edit your pages responsiveness for mobile view.

Extra Questions?

Any other tutorials you need and/or questions about the project completed, remember you have 30 days post site delivered date of my support! Meaning, let me know an extra tutorial you need and I will get record it for you.

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