Free Yourself of Negativity!

Negativity and incongruences are painful!

They can cause us to feel stuck, unhappy, distressed, and unsafe in our own lives.

Sometimes the sheer volume of issues, challenges, and things we want to change prevent us from being able to move forward in life. We can feel so exhausted, angry, confused, and doubtful that we don’t know which way to turn, where to start or what to do first.

Start Here!


The Ego’s Code meditation is a powerful healing journey.

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, a 45-minute meditation provides you with simple effective guidance to help relieve negativity from your life and improve self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.


The Healing Journey:

The Ego’s Code guides you through four sections:


Section 1 – Grounding

Grounding you into Mother Earth so you can fully participate in the meditation.


Section 2 – The World Tree

Visit the World Tree of Consciousness, work with your Ego and receive insighful learning.


Section 3 – The Release

Use your learning to release the negativity that has that has been holding you back.


Section 4 – The Soul Retrieval

Receive a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully during the meditation.


Each section is accompanied by newly composed music by Grammy Award Winning Musician Barry Goldstein

Message from Clayton

Our Ego acts like a beacon, sending out signals through negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, and actions attracting us to situations, circumstances, and people to learn from and grow. I created The Ego’s Code meditation as a powerful healing journey, to help free listeners of the negativity and pain that holds them back and causes them to sabotage the most important areas of their lives. My wish is for listeneres to delight in themselves and live consistently with kindness, joy and happiness.

Regular users of the meditation have confirmed it helps to free you of the negativity and pain that holds you back, brings clarity and helps to dissolve obstacles that previously sabotaged success.

“I found The Ego’s Code meditation a very powerful guided process that enabled me to achieve amazing clarity in a way I never thought possible.”
~ Cassie Footman, UK

“What a Masterpiece. This meditation will help so many people connect to their heart and soul”
~ Anja Thybo, Denmark.

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