Mood Worksheets

A simple experiment to improve your life

Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, this daily experiment can have a positive effect on your day and help improve your mood, outlook on life, sense of self, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

For the next 7 days…

Step 1 – Notice how you feel when you wake up.
Then record how you feel on the ‘morning mood worksheet’ available for download below.
Step 2 – Meditate for 25 minutes using our morning meditation – ‘Free My Light’
Step 3 – After your meditation, notice how you feel and record on the ‘ morning mood worksheet.’

After 7 days…

Add our 20-minute evening meditation – ‘The Secret Messages of Gratitude’ – to your daily practice.
You are now meditating twice each day. Repeat the steps above using the ‘evening mood worksheet’.
Review after one month to notice the positive improvements in your outlook and in your life.

It’s free!